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Welcome To The Pediatric Obesity Foundation (POF)

The Pediatric Obesity Foundation (POF) is a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds for the treatment of pediatric obesity, research into pediatric obesity, and providing education to the medical community and the general public about pediatric obesity.

The Foundation's goal is to provide the opportunity for families of all income levels:

The Pediatric Obesity Foundation is committed to the future and wellness of today's children; the leaders of tomorrow.

"In order to have a healthier society, we have to start with our children...for the most part, they are voiceless in this discussion and powerless victims of an underlying phenomenon." Overweight kids signal our failure: Shirley Bond, B.C.'s Health Minister, Globe & Mail, May 5, 2005

We're Making a Difference...

Since receiving charitable status in 2007, the POF has raised over $700,000 in support of childhood obesity thanks to the many generous donors in Calgary. The money raised has gone to support:

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