The Pediatric Obesity Foundation - How to Apply for Funding

How to Apply for Funding

The Pediatric Obesity Foundation has supported many children and families for treatment. In order to determine eligibility for financial assistance, the Pediatric Obesity Foundation requires a copy of household earning statement(s) in the form of tax return(s) and a signed Agreement for Funding Acceptance.

The POF provides financial support based on a Sliding Fee Schedule. It is important for families to contribute to treatment services when feasible as it contributes to motivation toward change. Funding supports the modified treatment program at the Pediatric Weight Clinic. Further treatment is provided at the discretion of the treatment team and the POF Board members. The team bases their decision on the family's motivation and execution of the treatment program.

For families whose income exceeds that outlined in the sliding fee schedule, they are encouraged to write a letter of request directly to the POF Board outlining the following:

  1. The family's financial situation (with specificity),
  2. The reason they are seeking treatment for their child,
  3. The family's commitment.

Once the request is presented to the Board, a majority is required in order for the request to be accepted.