The Pediatric Obesity Foundation - Testimonials

Feedback from Healthy Weights for Healthy Kids Study participants

Chenoa and I have had a wonderful experience at the clinic.  At 9, Chenoa decided for herself to make some changes to her body and her lifestyle.  She has learned from the program what to eat, when to eat (and when NOT to eat) and how to understand her body signals.  She has learned so much about nutrition and healthy eating – and she is teaching her little sisters.  I was skeptical about the program.  I thought that it may negatively impact her self-esteem.  It has been the opposite!  Everyone at the clinic is supportive and positive! The entire staff is wonderful. They’re great with the kids and the parents!   Thanks to everyone that helped Chenoa lose weight, learn and grow!!
     ~ Chenoa’s Mom Sherry

"This program has changed our lives. As a family, we went into this program for all of our lives. The Nutritionist helped us all realize what poor food choices we often made. The trainer helped our daughter understand that even though she has some physical barriers she can still find ways to be active. The Psychologist was most important to us as we understand why our daughter and the rest of the family were making the choices we did. She encouraged the family to really think about our needs/wants and if they were essential at that time. This program really is the most valuable opportunity that our family has ever had and we thank the Pediatric Obesity Foundation very much. I hope that many other families can enjoy the teachings of the program."
     ~ Mother of a 12-year-old HWHK study participant

Not only have I seen a total physical change in my son but his attitude and his decision making is totally different. For example, at the clinic we have learned about food traps. He learned his big food trap is always advertising, any kind of restaurant, food, whatever, he would always want to try it if he saw it advertised. Recently he noticed a new burger choice at a restaurant and said he would not be having that! That's a huge change for our family, and I do want to stress that it is a change for our family. We all benefitted from it, not just our son, because we had to be supportive. I really like the approach here.
     ~ Mother of an 11-year-old HWHK study participant

Testimonials from a mother and son who were funded by the POF to participate in an obesity treatment program

"The clinic has changed me a lot especially with my eating habits and portion sizes. I now cut my portions and eat junk in moderation or once in a blue moon. And I am more physically active."
     ~ 13-year-old patient

"I highly recommend the PWC for several reasons. First of all, the staff are wonderful, positive people who are very dedicated to helping children achieve their goals in losing weight, being physically fit and strong, as well as emotionally. Moreover, the program is very well rounded because it involves the nutrition aspect plus the sports/activity aspects, as well as psychological. Seeing a medical doctor also further enhances the whole program. Joining the PWC program has had a positive impact on my son's life and has helped him greatly with working to achieve his weight loss goal."
     ~ Mother of 13-year-old patient